Committee appointments 2023

Recruitment for the 2023 committee appointments has now closed

We are currently recruiting for:

  • Professional Committee (PC) - three Vacancies
  • ARC Agenda Committee (ARC) - two Vacancies
  • Professional Awards Panel (PAP) - two Vacancies (one Fellow/Distinguished service awardee and one CSP member

Why should you get involved?

The CSP’s committees provide the knowledge, expertise and insight to support and inform the CSP Council. You will have the opportunity to help shape the agenda and to inject energy and enthusiasm into leading the profession and governing the CSP. Being a CSP committee member means you will have the opportunity to:

  • provide strategic advice to Council and the CSP on specific issues
  • contribute to setting the society’s strategic direction and aims
  • work with Council, CSP members and staff to make sure the society’s Corporate strategy and equity, diversity and belonging strategy is achieved
  • ensure that the society is managed with probity and integrity.

We are committed to supporting personal and professional development in the role. You will receive an induction and development package to add to your CPD. This covers a variety of skills and learning areas including leadership and governance.

Being a committee member is challenging and varied. You will be able to learn from the experience of other members as well as share your own.

You can currently apply for a role on the following committees:

  • Professional Committee (PC) - three Vacancies
  • ARC Agenda Committee (ARC) - two Vacancies
  • Professional Awards Panel (PAP) - two Vacancies (one Fellow/Distinguished service awardee and one CSP member)

Who can apply?

This opportunity is available to all fully paid-up CSP members, including associates and students, as long as they are not serving a disqualification period from a conviction relating to the conduct of union financial and accounting affairs.

Committee members bring invaluable experience and perspectives from all walks of life and sections of the membership. As members driving the CSP’s strategy and providing expertise and insight to Council, the committees need energetic, passionate and engaged members – particularly those who have the attributes listed in the person specification for each role.

We believe that for the CSP to be successful, it needs to work with the most talented and diverse CSP members available. Different experiences and perspectives are important. We positively encourage applications from members across all of the profession, from all backgrounds and with a broad range of experience.

We strive for our committee members to be as diverse as society and welcome applications from everyone, regardless of age; disability; gender; gender reassignment; marriage and civil partnership; race/ethnicity; religion or belief; sexual orientation; pregnancy and parental leave. Your application will be dealt with fairly and all decisions we make about it will be based on merit and your ability to meet the competencies required for the role.

Applicants must commit to observe the Council’s Code of Conduct and the CSP Conflict of Interest Policy.

We also advise applicants to inform their employer that they are applying. To help with this discussion, we've created an information pack for employers, which applicants can share with them:

How to apply

Apply by completing our online application form and submitting it by noon on Monday 4 September 2023.

You will be asked to provide:

  • some personal information
  • a brief statement (maximum 500 words) outlining why you are interested in becoming a member of the committee and evidence to demonstrate how you meet the person specification criteria
  • your CV

You do not need to complete the application form in one go. The application form provides details on how you can save your progress as you go. If you are unable to apply online and require an application form in a different format, please email

  • Apply now – please note, applications are now closed

Appointment process timetable

Member applicationsThe process opens on Friday 14 July 2023 and the deadline for submissions is noon on Monday 4 September 2022. We will acknowledge receipt of applications within two working days. If you do not hear from us please check your application has been submitted.
Shortlisting Applications will be shortlisted by the appointment panel based on how well applicants demonstrate meeting the criteria outlined in the person specification. Shortlisting will be completed by 18 September. After this, we will advise you if you have been invited to interview.

The appointment panels will conduct 30-minute interviews by video conference between 2 October and 18 October

AppointmentsWe will let you know the outcome of your application during the week commencing 24 October. Appointments will be made formally at the CSP AGM 2023
InductionWe are developing an induction programme to support new committee members in their role. This will include observation of a committee meeting ahead of starting officially if possible. Once appointed, new members will be able to access past committee agendas and minutes for information.

Application panel

Council has delegated appointment decisions to an appointment panel consisting of our Chair, Ishmael Beckford, and:

  • Professional Committee : Alex MacKenzie (Vice President), Alexandra Spearritt (Council member) plus one TBC
  • ARC Agenda Committee: Alex MacKenzie (Vice President), Alexandra Spearritt (Council member) 
  • Professional Awards Panel: Alex MacKenzie (Vice President), Alexandra Spearritt (Council member) and Sonya Lam (Chair of PAP)

You will be asked to declare in the application form if you have any prior knowledge of, or connection to, any of the panel. The panel will take this into consideration to ensure fairness.

Vacancies on our committees

Please look at our Committees page for more information on each of the committees, including their meeting dates, specific remits, responsibilities and composition which are set out in their Terms of Reference.

Committee role

Vacancies and Term

Time commitment

Professional Committee provides expertise and insight on significant physiotherapy practice learning and development issues to Council. 

Three CSP members for four years**

Three meetings* a year (approx. four hours each)

ARC Agenda Committee determines the business of our Annual Representatives Conference, so that the conference achieves its purpose. The committee considers submitted motions and oversees the management of motions.

Two CSP members for four years**

Four meetings* a year (approx. four hours each) plus attendance at the two-day conference

Professional Awards Panel considers nominations for the CSP awards of Honorary Fellowship, Fellowship and Distinguished Service.

PAP person specification

1 CSP member and 1 Fellow/Distinguished service awardee for four years**Two - Three meetings* a year (approx. 2 hours each)

* Most meetings are held via video conference. However, at least one a year will be held physically in central London, and the Annual Representatives Conference is held in Manchester.
** At the end of the term of appointment, committee members can ask to be considered for reappointment for a second term of four/two years. No committee member is able to serve more than eight years.

Remuneration and out-of-pocket expenses

The CSP is committed to making the role of committee members open to as many people as possible. These are voluntary roles but we don’t want cost to be a barrier to anyone thinking of applying.

All out-of-pocket expenses involved in serving as a committee member are reimbursed, including travel and subsistence costs, childcare costs, and overnight accommodation if required. Consideration is also given to reimbursement for loss of earnings.

Management of interests

Committee members must be prepared to declare and manage any interests held which may be in conflict with the role. Applicants are required to declare on the application form any business or personal interests that might be relevant to our work, as well as any close personal relationships with a CSP employee or Council/committee member.

Any actual, potential or perceived conflicts of interest will be fully explored by the panel. Applicants will be given an opportunity to propose how they would manage or eliminate the conflict.

How we use your personal information

We will collect and process data on applicants for the purpose of administering the appointment process. You will be advised of this and asked to confirm you agree to this in your application. All the information we collect will be retained in accordance with CSP’s record retention and disposal policy.

In order to monitor the diversity of applicants we attract and those we appoint and to adapt and improve our processes to ensure fairness, we collate diversity monitoring data from applicants' member profiles. This information is kept strictly confidential and is never shared with the appointments panel. No information will be shared in any way which allows any individuals to be identified. We encourage all applicants to check their member profile to ensure it is up to date.


The CSP is committed to processes and procedures that are fair, transparent and free from discrimination.  We welcome feedback so that we can improve our processes – please contact us on  

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