CSP Annual General Meeting 2017

CSP members voted in favour of Council’s recommendations for change at the 2017 Annual General Meeting on 11 November.


Members of CSP Council talk about the proposed changes to Council

The votes at the AGM came down overwhelmingly in favour of the change to council, with 496 members voting for the proposed governance changes, 76 against and seven abstentions.

Supporting this move, two related votes on changes to the bye-laws which would make this possible, and to put interim arrangements in place, were carried.

The proposed membership changes, and related bye-law changes, were also carried. 300 members voted for the change, with 186 against and five abstentions.

The related changes to the bye-laws was more close-cut with 287 members voting in favour and 263 against. There were three abstentions.

New governance model496767
Governance bye-law changes4341180

Interim governance arrangements

Membership clarifications3001865

Membership bye-law changes

Miscellaneous bye-law changes(1)334751

(1) These relate to other changes to the bye-laws for clarity, consistency and/or fitness for purpose, subject to any amendments required by the Privy Council and agreed by the CSP Council.

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