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Using the CSP brand

The CSP’s brand is at the heart of the society’s work to promote the value of physiotherapy, physiotherapists and associated health workers.

We have developed branding guidelines to ensure that the brand and logos are used in a consistent and effective way. 

File 112109The CSP member badge

Only qualified physiotherapists are entitled to wear the MCSP (Member of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy) badge on uniforms and clothing. This is our historical crest and is often referred to as our ‘lozenge’ logo (right). 
The CSP provides qualified members with a metal CSP badge which can be worn on uniforms and clothing as a way of showing their membership of the CSP, and their chartered registered status.
The society encourages all members to display this badge on their uniforms as it is a hallmark of professional quality.
Qualified members may also wear CSP-badged uniforms and clothing provided by our exclusive supplier Grahame Gardner.
If you have any queries about using CSP logos please email the CSP Enquiry Handling unit or call 020 7306 6666.
Please note that the CSP no longer offers badges in the form of sew-on patches and it is forbidden to have the member badge embroidered on uniforms or clothing by any supplier other than Grahame Gardner.
When used by private practitioners on items such as stationery, websites, plaques and so on, the CSP strapline should also appear: 

’The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy is the professional, educational and trade union body for the UK’s 50,000 chartered physiotherapists, physiotherapy students and associates’

The artwork for this logo and strapline can be supplied to members by the CSP’s publications unit. Please contact the CSP's Enquiry Handling Unit (by email or on 020 7306 6666) with your membership number and details of intended use. We can normally send you an electronic file of the logo within one working day.
The ‘lozenge’ logo may also be used by CSP-recognised professional networks. A slightly different version of this logo is available, which carries the wording: ‘A professional network recognised by the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy’. 

Student members and associate members

File 112108Students and Associates have their own badges and may not use or wear the member badge.

File 112107Students and Associates are supplied with a metal badge when they join the CSP and may buy clothing pre-embroidered with the Student or Associate from our exclusive supplier, Grahame Gardner.

The CSP corporate logo 

The corporate logo can only be used by CSP headquarters and officials.

File 112111The CSP corporate logo (the ‘dynamic’ logo) can only be used by CSP headquarters and representatives acting in a corporate capacity (These include English Regional Networks (ERNs), country boards and branches, who can use the dynamic logo in official business). 
Individual members and professional networks or, indeed, anyone else, are not permitted to use this corporate logo unless prior authorisation has been given by a CSP director.

Advice on using the CSP corporate logo

CSP stewards, safety representatives and those within trade union networks can also use the dynamic logo for CSP official business.
When the logo is used, it should adhere to usage guidelines for colour, size and positioning on materials. (follow the link to the CSP Branding Guidelines document below).The CSP’s publications unit can advise on the correct usage of the logo, and provide master references for use. Please email the CSP Enquiry Handling unit or call 020 7306 6666 in the first instance.
File 112112Please note that the old square box logo (left) has been phased out and must not be used on any new CSP materials.

Country-specific versions of the CSP ‘dynamic’ logo

Different versions of the CSP corporate logo are available for use in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland which, again, can only be used for official CSP business. 
Other special versions of the corporate logo, such as the CSP Members’ Benevolent Fund, also exist for use by that group only.
Email the CSP Enquiry Handling unit or call 020 7306 6666.


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8 October 2014