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Sports medicine specialty

The Midas touch

Frontline article - Posted on 14/09/2009

Alison Rose, physiotherapist to World Champion Heptathlete Jessica Ennis, explains how she helps GB’s top athletes. When Jessica ...

Ice maiden

Frontline article - Posted on 02/06/2009

Louise Hunt talks to the physio behind the scenes of one of TV’s most popular – and potentially dangerous – reality shows. Dancing on ...

Healthier dancer symposium

News item - Posted on 26/03/2009

26 March 2009 Problems common among dancers will be addressed at a conference titled Dance medicine: the female athlete triad and ...

ARC - Warning over lone working on the pitch

Frontline article - Posted on 18/03/2009

Newly qualified graduates are working for sports teams with little or no senior support, supervision or professional development, Conference heard. ...

Pitch perfect

Frontline article - Posted on 17/02/2009

Rugby physiotherapy is evolving to meet the demands of play, says Graham Clews. Graham talks with rugby union’s national physios ...

Limbering up for Beijing

Frontline article - Posted on 15/07/2008

Physiotherapists supporting the British Olympic team in Beijing next month have been kitted out in their official uniforms. Up to 30 ...