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Physio findings: the latest exercise-related research

Frontline article - Posted on 20/01/2014

Janet Wright looks at the latest physio research and clinical findings ...

Exercise advice for people of all ages and fitness

Section contents - Posted on 13/12/2013

(exercise advice, exercise advice for people all ages, download sportsspecific injury advice warmup tips and more, exercise advice, exercise advice, exercise advice, exercise advice, exercise advice, exercise advice, exercise advice, exercise advice) ...

Physiotherapy works: information for GPs

Section contents - Posted on 13/12/2013

Information about physiotherapy aimed at GPs, doctors and health commissioners including exercise advice, how physiotherapy can help patients with a wide range of health conditions and the evidence base for physiotherapy. ...

Avoiding trips and falls at home

Page - Posted on 13/12/2013

Bones tend to become thinner and weaker as we grow older so it's important to avoid trips and falls that can result in a fracture, and to keep our body strong to try to reduce the risk of falling.Physiotherapy can help you improve your balance, strength or flexibility in order to minimise the risk of falling. ...

Healthy ageing - advice on staying healthy

Page - Posted on 13/12/2013

Your body changes as you grow older and it's vital to keep active if you want to stay healthy and independent. Physiotherapy can help you to deal with many of the problems you might experience as time goes on. ...

In perspective - how physios can encourage patients to embrace healthier lifestyles

Frontline article - Posted on 02/12/2013

Tell patients to eat fat and not to exercise for 23 and a half hours a day, suggests Christopher Tuckett The NHS is ...

Call for physiotherapists to help people walk off ‘inactivity epidemic’

News item - Posted on 29/10/2013

29 October 2013 Promoting walking as a way to help people get and stay active could address the UK’s ‘physical inactivity epidemic’, ...

Workplace policy and management practices to improve the health and wellbeing of employees - CSP evidence submission

Document - Posted on 14/10/2013

CSP CSP 2013 ...

In perspective - food for thought

Frontline article - Posted on 16/09/2013

Rather than setting an example to sick patients, hospitals peddle junk food to them, argues Aseem Malhotra ...

Public wrong about back pain, survey finds

Frontline article - Posted on 02/09/2013

A survey has revealed widespread public ignorance over the best ways to treat back pain. The UK-wide survey of 1,000 people ...

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