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Public Health

Healthy designs: building healthier places to boost public health

Frontline article - Posted on 11/04/2016

The idea of building healthier places for people to live in is winning support from physios, as Daniel Allen discovers ...

One You campaign urges adults to adopt healthy behaviours

News item - Posted on 09/03/2016

9 March 2016 Public Health England (PHE) has launched a national campaign to encourage adults, particularly those in middle age, to ...

Physical benefits: activities in schools

Frontline article - Posted on 18/12/2015

Sue Wilkinson, strategic lead at the Association for Physical Education, extols the benefits of offering physical activities in schools. ...

Strategy aims to make AHPs the ‘go to’ public health professionals

News item - Posted on 08/12/2015

8 December 2015 AHPs must be recognised as an integral part of the public health workforce, with responsibility for designing and ...

Cutting edge: the Institute of Sport and Exercise Health

Frontline article - Posted on 02/11/2015

Graham Clews meets Terassa Taylor-Kaveney, a physio holding a key position at the Institute of Sport and Exercise Health in London. ...

Physio 15: Physios can improve public health by influencing behaviour and promoting physical activity

News item - Posted on 21/10/2015

21 October 2015 Physiotherapists are ideally placed to change the health behaviour of patients and should be taking the lead on ...

Physios and AHP Federation receive public health and wellbeing awards

News item - Posted on 20/10/2015

20 October 2015 Physiotherapists were among the winners at the Royal Society for Public Health (RSPH) health and wellbeing awards 2015 ...

Physio 15: Stigma and lack of evidence undermine public health interventions, delegates told

News item - Posted on 20/10/2015

21 October 2015 It took a speaker presenting from Australia to issue a real challenge to delegates on a session on public health, ...

3 minutes with Muir Gray

Frontline article - Posted on 14/09/2015

Over the official retirement age, but not over the hill, public health expert Muir Gray gives his tips on an active life as Older People’s Day comes round. ...

Meeting local needs: promoting public health

Frontline article - Posted on 14/09/2015

In the second of a two-part series on promoting public health, CSP professional adviser Carley King looks at making the most of your resources. ...

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