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Analysis of the cranio-cervical curvatures in subjects with migraine with and without neck pain

Physiotherapy Journal article - Posted on 28/11/2017

Objective To investigate the differences in head and cervical spine alignment between subjects with migraine and healthy people. Design A cross-sectional, observational study. ...

Effects of functional taping compared with sham taping and minimal intervention on pain intensity and static postural control for patients with non-specific chronic low back pain: a randomised clinical trial protocol

Physiotherapy Journal article - Posted on 25/05/2017

Objectives To investigate the immediate and 1-month effects of functional taping to lumbar spine for pain intensity and postural control in patients with chronic non-specific low back pain. ...

Agreement between physiotherapists rating scapular posture in multiple planes in patients with neck pain: Reliability study

Physiotherapy Journal article - Posted on 26/11/2015

Objective Evaluation of scapular posture is an integral component of the clinical assessment of painful neck disorders. The aim of this study was to evaluate agreement between therapist judgements of ...

Body position influences the maximum inspiratory and expiratory mouth pressures of young healthy subjects

Physiotherapy Journal article - Posted on 01/06/2015

Objective The purpose of this study was to determine the effects of body position on respiratory muscle strength of young healthy subjects. Participants Sixty-three (50 female, mean age ...

Physios take part in historic radio listening project

News item - Posted on 27/03/2015

27 March 2015 The importance of good posture – as seen through the eyes of physiotherapists – featured in a recent BBC radio show that ...

Pitfalls in the use of kappa when interpreting agreement between multiple raters in reliability studies

Physiotherapy Journal article - Posted on 28/02/2014

Objective To compare different reliability coefficients (exact agreement, and variations of the kappa (generalised, Cohen's and Prevalence Adjusted and Biased Adjusted (PABAK))) for four ...

Physio writes posture guide for MS patients

News item - Posted on 03/09/2012

3 September 2012 A physiotherapist has written a booklet for patients with the early stages of multiple sclerosis (MS), offering ...

Photogrammetry: an accurate and reliable tool to detect thoracic musculoskeletal abnormalities in preterm infants

Physiotherapy Journal article - Posted on 30/08/2012

Objective To analyse the accuracy and reproducibility of photogrammetry in detecting thoracic abnormalities in infants born prematurely. Design Cross-sectional study. Setting The ...

Jolly good show for physio’s innovative chair

Frontline article - Posted on 11/04/2012

An entrepreneurial physiotherapist scooped a national award for an innovative product she designed and produced to protect primary school teachers’ backs. ...

Musculoskeletal techniques for clinically stable adults with cystic fibrosis: a preliminary randomised controlled trial

Physiotherapy Journal article - Posted on 20/09/2011

Aims To assess the sensitivity of selected outcome measures to any change resulting from treatment of adults with cystic fibrosis with physiotherapy musculoskeletal techniques, use the data for sample ...

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