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Physiotherapy works

Physiotherapy works: leaflet promotes benefits of physio in chronic pain care

News item - Posted on 24/04/2014

24 April 2014 The CSP’s chronic pain leaflet – part of the physiotherapy works series – is ‘getting the message out’ about how the ...

Physiotherapy works - the evidence

Section contents - Posted on 16/04/2014

Download the CSP's collection of evidence-based briefings to help you make the case for physiotherapy when meeting GPs and commissioners ...

Physiotherapy works: Chronic pain

Publication - Posted on 15/04/2014

This leaflet sets out the evidence-base for the clinical- and cost-effectiveness of physiotherapy to treat people suffering with chronic pain. ...

Physiotherapy works: Chronic pain

Page - Posted on 15/04/2014

Evidence shows that physiotherapy maximises activity, improves quality of life and promotes self-management for people with chronic pain. ...

How not to head for a fall

Blogpost - Posted on 02/04/2014

Sue Rees, CSP chair, visits a falls clinic with minister Norman Lamb and reflects on the launch of the society’s Physiotherapy Works programme ...

Hope springs eternal

Blogpost - Posted on 18/03/2014

Spring is finally struggling through to greet us. Glimmers of sunshine appear between hazy fog, promising to reveal dazzling sunshine and warmth... if only the fog were to clear. ...

Physiotherapy works: Parkinson's

Publication - Posted on 11/03/2014

PDF version of evidence-based Physiotherapy Works briefing outlining the value of physiotherapy with Parkinson's Disease. ...

Physiotherapy works: Parkinson's

Page - Posted on 11/03/2014

The evidence shows that Physiotherapy is essential in the multidisciplinary management of people with Parkinson’s. Advice and education offered in the early stages maintains general fitness, minimises deterioration and promotes self-management. In the later stages, physiotherapy can improve gait, balance, transfers, manual activities and reduce the falls risk. ...

CSP publishes Physiotherapy works leaflet on Parkinson’s

News item - Posted on 05/03/2014

5 March 2014 The CSP has published a Parkinson’s Physiotherapy works leaflet. It is one of a series to support the society’s ...

Physiotherapy works: give your local decision makers the evidence

News item - Posted on 03/02/2014

3 February 2014 The CSP is asking members to help get the hard evidence about the effectiveness of physiotherapy in front of local ...