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Effect of cryotherapy on relief of perineal pain after vaginal childbirth with episiotomy: a randomized and controlled clinical trial

Physiotherapy Journal article - Posted on 28/11/2017

Objective Verify the effectiveness of cryotherapy in relieving perineal pain in women after vaginal delivery with episiotomy. Design Randomized controlled clinical trial. ...

Does continuous infusion of local anaesthesia improve pain control and walking distance after coronary artery bypass graft surgery? A randomised controlled trial

Physiotherapy Journal article - Posted on 28/11/2017

Objectives To evaluate the effects of continuous infusion of ropivacaine compared to sham infusion or usual care on pain scores before and after physiotherapy treatment, distance walked and time ...

Physio findings: exercise pain doesn’t equal tissue damage

Frontline article - Posted on 17/07/2017

Caroline White and Katherine Jones report on the lastest physio research findings. ...

In review: sports medicine book and other items

Frontline article - Posted on 19/06/2017

Frontline samples a selection of books and other resources. Featured book: Clinical sports medicine (5th edition), ...

Ousted pain expert gains acknowledgement for his work

News item - Posted on 01/06/2017

1 June 2017 A leading pain professor and physiotherapist has been given a surprise honorary membership of the British Pain Society – ...

Does treatment by a specialist physiotherapist change pain and function in young adults with symptoms from femoroacetabular impingement? A pilot project for a randomised controlled trial

Physiotherapy Journal article - Posted on 25/05/2017

Aim Femoroacetabular impingement (FAI) is recognised as a source of hip pain but the effect of conservative treatment remains untested. This pilot study aimed to inform and evaluate the methods ...

Relationship between foot pain, muscle strength and size: a systematic review

Physiotherapy Journal article - Posted on 24/02/2017

Background Foot pain is common and disabling and thought to be associated with muscle weakness. Understanding the relationship between pain and weakness may help identify effective treatment targets. ...

Physiotherapy Pain Association study day: Physios should ‘get out there’ to drive a change in practice

News item - Posted on 24/01/2017

24 January 2017 A senior physiotherapist has called for a revolution in the management of pain, saying that change isn’t happening ...

In review: featured book, an app for people living with HIV

Frontline article - Posted on 02/09/2016

Traumatic Scar and tissue Management an app for people living with HIV, providing self-management strategies to improve health and wellbeing and much more. ...

Musculoskeletal pain characteristics associated with lower balance confidence in community-dwelling older adults

Physiotherapy Journal article - Posted on 26/05/2016

Objective To determine whether musculoskeletal pain (pain severity and number of chronic pain sites; single or multisite) is associated with balance confidence over and above previously established risk ...

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