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NHS pensions

Will there be any effect on my maternity pay if I am currently pregnant and still working?

FAQ - Posted on 28/11/2011

It is possible that your maternity pay could be slightly reduced due to not being paid whilst on strike, if the strike falls in the reference period used for the calculation of maternity pay (this is an eight ...

How will it be decided how much pay will be deducted from me for being on strike on 30 November?

FAQ - Posted on 28/11/2011

The NHS Employers organisation has issued guidance to its members on a number of apsects related to the strike on 30 November, based on legal advice they have received. The part of this that deals with how to ...

I am a student and due to be on clinical placement on 30 November. What should I do?

FAQ - Posted on 24/11/2011

As all CSP members are being called on to take strike action on 30 November, and only emergency cover to protect patient safety will be provided, it is very unlikely that normal procedures for supervising ...

Chief secretary to the Treasury Danny Alexander produced examples* on November 2 that suggest we will be better off under its proposals, which isn’t what I understood up to now?

FAQ - Posted on 08/11/2011

We believe Danny Alexander is using misleading data. He made the claim that a nurse with a full career, retiring on a salary of £34,200 would receive a pension of £22,800 a year under the proposed scheme ...

The Government has said that there will be protection for members of public service pension schemes who are 10 years off retirement. Does this extend to scheme members with special class status who will be 45 from 2012?

FAQ - Posted on 08/11/2011

We have not yet had the chance to discuss the detail of the Government’s revised proposal, and it has not been agreed, so it wise to treat anything at this stage with a degree of caution. We are looking at ...

NHS reforms and pensions take centre stage at physios Liverpool conference

Press Release - Posted on 04/10/2011

4 October 2011 London Bombings survivor Gill Hicks gives keynote address ...

CSP members join protest demo against public services and pension attacks

News item - Posted on 03/10/2011

3 October 2011 CSP members, families and friends joined tens of thousands in Manchester at a demonstration against cuts, ...

Society’s Industrial Relations Committee backs strike ballot over NHS pensions

News item - Posted on 29/09/2011

29 September 2011 CSP members working in the NHS will be balloted for the first time in 31 years on whether to take industrial action ...

Physiotherapists to vote on strike action over pensions changes

Press Release - Posted on 29/09/2011

29 September 2011 First ballot of physios in 31 years ...

Pensions plan

Frontline article - Posted on 20/09/2011

No one wants to take strike action, not least members of the CSP. Physios are caring professionals who put their patients’ needs first rather than their own. But the planned changes in members’ ...

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