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medicines and prescribing

Medicines with injection therapy in physiotherapy services

Publication - Posted on 11/10/2016

Explain why two separate injections (except where one of them is a vehicle for the other) cannot be mixed in the syringe and administered under a Patient Group Direction (PGD). ...

Vote of confidence

Frontline article - Posted on 30/07/2012

Words like ‘monumental’ and ‘groundbreaking’ always sound a little over the top. It’s never wise to over-use them. But I am ...

Landmark decision gives UK physios a world first in prescribing rights

Frontline article - Posted on 30/07/2012

UK physiotherapists have won a long-fought battle to be able to improve their patients’ care by prescribing them medicines without needing a doctor to sign off their decision. ...

Over to you

Frontline article - Posted on 23/07/2012

News that some advanced practice physios will be able to prescribe drugs without a doctor overseeing their decision is a major advance for the profession. Lynn Eaton finds out more ...

Supplementary prescribers to come under new framework

Frontline article - Posted on 06/06/2012

A new single-competency framework now covers all healthcare prescribers after the National Prescribing Centre (NPC) introduced umbrella guidance for all health professions. ...

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