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Inequality causes chronic stress and health problems, says professor

News item - Posted on 12/10/2013

11 October 2013 The more unequal a society is, the more its inhabitants will experience ill health and social problems. ...

Mind your language!

Frontline article - Posted on 16/09/2013

CSP equalities officer Saraka Keating and professional adviser Gwyn Owen discuss the use and misuse of language. Earlier this ...

Viewpoint - Disability matters

Frontline article - Posted on 18/06/2013

Cliff Towson says the government’s changes to welfare benefits are putting people with disabilities at a further disadvantage. ...

Challenging times

Frontline article - Posted on 18/06/2013

Disabled CSP members are particularly vulnerable to service cutbacks and the wider welfare reforms, Saraka Keating as CSP’s equality officer reports ...

Changing times

Frontline article - Posted on 03/06/2013

With new legislation paving the way for gay marriages to be officially recognised, Chris Mahony asks physiotherapy staff about the implications. ...

Allow MPs to job-share to give disabled people a stronger voice in parliament

News item - Posted on 24/05/2013

24 May 2013 Disabled people would be much more likely to stand for election if they were allowed to job-share - and their concerns ...

Comment - All change

Frontline article - Posted on 29/04/2013

As Frontline was about to go to press, a report landed on my desk from the Fawcett Society, looking at the impact of the current economic crisis on women in the UK. ...

Still a man’s world?

Frontline article - Posted on 29/04/2013

Women may be in the majority in the population at large, but they are still thin on the ground in prominent positions.  Helen Mooney takes stock ...

TUC women's conference: CSP warns that women are under-represented in senior NHS positions

News item - Posted on 15/03/2013

15 March 2013 It is ‘morally and democratically wrong’ and society is wasting a ‘vast pool of talent’ in not ensuring more women are ...

TUC women's conference: Women in trade unions urged to support each other

News item - Posted on 14/03/2013

14 March 2013 It is ‘very important’ that women in trade unions ‘support and encourage’ each other, TUC president and director of ...

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