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Membership FAQs

Page - Posted on 05/12/2014

22 February 2018 5 December 2014 From changing your name to ...

The CSP’s membership reaches 52,000 as recent graduate signs up

News item - Posted on 08/01/2014

8 January 2014 The CSP's membership has reached a record-breaking 52,000. ...

CSP membership benefits

Page - Posted on 22/11/2013

7 October 2016 22 November 2013 All CSP members can enjoy ...

Membership rates

Page - Posted on 06/12/2012

24 January 2018 6 December 2012 As a member you’ll have ...

Advice and resources for newly qualified members

Page - Posted on 01/02/2012

23 January 2015 1 February 2012 Whether you are just ...

Get chartered!

Page - Posted on 10/05/2011

2 August 2017 10 May 2011 All UK graduating student members ...

Supporting you

Frontline article - Posted on 14/03/2011

The role of CSP’s associate members comes under the spotlight in this issue. Petrus du Plessis, who features on our cover, started out as a physio assistant before his life took a very different turn. Read ...

Risk assessment

Frontline article - Posted on 18/01/2011

Not many of you, I expect, will have volunteered to take part in a magician’s trick live on stage. But imagine you were in the ...

Don’t try this at home

Frontline article - Posted on 18/01/2011

Accidents can happen. But if they cause harm, the CSP can help you and your family seek compensation. Robert Millett reports ...

On target

Frontline article - Posted on 04/01/2011

A boom in membership has strengthened the CSP to deal with challenges ahead, says Sally Priestley Champagne corks popped at the end ...

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