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Clinical update: CPD Spondyloarthritis (part 2)

Frontline article - Posted on 28/07/2017

In the second and final part of a series of articles on spondyloarthritis, consultant physiotherapist Carol McCrum highlights the value of specialist and aquatic physiotherapy. ...

Advice line

Frontline article - Posted on 07/07/2017

Katherine Jones congratulates the Physiotherapy journal on a milestone. Physiotherapy is the official journal of the CSP. ...

Physio findings: Intensive lifestyle change reduced medication

Frontline article - Posted on 04/07/2017

Caroline White on the latest physio research. An ...

Mesh implant review: UK-wide implications

Frontline article - Posted on 16/06/2017

A new review of transvaginal mesh implants in Scotland could influence clinical practice across the UK, says Louise Hunt. ...

Physio findings: falls prevention hinges on following advice

Frontline article - Posted on 12/05/2017

Caroline White reports on the latest studies with implications for physio staff, while Katherine Jones examines the importance of one of them, a falls prevention randomised controlled trial. ...

3 minutes with David Nicholls: critical friends

Frontline article - Posted on 12/05/2017

David Nicholls explains why the Critical Physiotherapy Network (CPN) is helping to unlock doors that were previously closed to members of the profession. ...

Physio findings: exercise may slightly lessen hand osteoarthritis

Frontline article - Posted on 13/03/2017

Caroline White on the latest Physio research. Physio ...

In review: Featured books and more

Frontline article - Posted on 24/02/2017

Our featured book, titled 'True Tales of Organisational Life', tells how the creation of space and storytelling in health and social care can help professionals build resilience at work. Read on ... ...

Physio findings: Psoriatic arthritis linked to fracture risk

Frontline article - Posted on 24/02/2017

Physiotherapy Journal editor Michele Harms and Caroline White report on recent research. ...

Physio findings

Frontline article - Posted on 10/02/2017

Caroline White and Katherine Jones write about the latest physiotherapy research ...

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