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We're talking about your generation

Whether you're approaching your later years or caring for an older friend or relative, this leaflet contains expert advice from physiotherapists on keeping healthy as the years go on.

Notching up the years? Caring for an older friend or relative? You’ll know how frustrating it can feel when simple pleasures like playing with the grandchildren, or working in the garden, become more of a struggle.

Niggling aches and pains are sometimes seen as a sign that it’s time to take it easy, but physiotherapists know that slowing down is not
the answer.

As the years go by, many people avoid exercise because they don’t feel they have the energy, or see it as a risk to their health. But they’re wrong. The greatest risk to physical health and mental wellbeing is saying goodbye to an active lifestyle.

It’s never too late to increase muscle strength, maintain bone density and improve balance. Taking steps now to achieve these goals can help prevent aches and pains, give you energy and make you less vulnerable to falling in the future.

You’ll also cut your risk of, or better manage, conditions like heart disease, some cancers, type 2 diabetes, stroke and mental illness. There are lots of ways you can get active; it’s not all about traditional exercise. 

Download our leaflet for handy tips on exercises you can do to stay active, how to avoid household accident, and how to get moving if you've had a fall.

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