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Seven Day and Extended Hours Services Resource Pack

Please also see ERUS briefing IP71: Seven day physiotherapy services - meeting the challenge

This resource pack is designed to help stewards and managers deal with the challenges posed by the move to greater provision of seven day services across the NHS. It should be read in conjunction with ERUS Briefing IP71, Seven day physiotherapy services: Meeting the Challenge, which includes case studies of good and bad practice.

The Seven Day and Extended Hours Services Resource Pack consists of nine individual sheets:

  1. List of contents and introduction
  2. The consultation process
  3. Employment and contractual issues
  4. Employer policies
  5. Control of working patterns and time
  6. Pay and staffing levels
  7. Flexibility and self management
  8. Professional and service issues
  9. Further useful resources and FAQs

For your convenience, these sheets are also available combined into a single PDF (the last file on the list below).

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