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Public Health and Physiotherapy Resource Pack (core document)

This resource pack is a public health tool kit which helps members gain a fuller understanding of public health and the strong opportunities it presents for physiotherapy. It will also help members maximise on their potential to improve health and wellbeing.

The core document from the Public Health Resource Pack covers the following chapters:

  • An introduction to public health (Chapter One)
  • Developing physiotherapy services based on local population needs (Chapter Two)
  • Physiotherapy and health improvement (Chapter Three)
  • Physiotherapy and health protection (Chapter Four)
  • Further Public Health learning and development resources (Chapter Five)

and can be downloaded (logged-in members only) by using the PDF link further down this page. Use the publication links immediately below to access other support material from the pack:

Please note that these resources are currently under review and some of the information contained within them may be out of date.


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