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CSP Accreditation of Clinical Educators (ACE) Scheme

As of Friday 27 February 2015, the CSP is no longer running its Accreditation of Clinical Educators scheme.

This decision follows a review of CSP activities aimed at releasing capacity and ensuring that the organisation prioritises activities which will maximise its value and impact in terms of supporting members, developing the profession and influencing external stakeholders.

Relevant pages will be removed from this website on Friday 27 March 2015.

The CSP attaches strong importance and value to practice education. Our aim is to ensure that support is provided to all members in all sectors and settings who contribute to physiotherapy students' learning, and to demonstrate how practice education is embedded in a range of current CSP activities. We therefore want to offer increased guidance and support to practice educators in ways other than running a recognition scheme.

So what does this mean if you've gained ACE status?
You can continue to make reference to your achievement as evidence of your CPD. If your ACE accreditation is still current, you can refer to it until the end of the term of award, but it won’t be renewed through reaccreditation. If your period of accreditation has expired, you won’t be able to achieve reaccreditation.

What can you expect instead of ACE?
Our plans include collaboration with other professions regarding learning outcomes and support for practice educators, and reinforcing the link between high-quality practice education and service improvement.

  • We shall continue to make the case that staff resources in practice need to be sufficient to support physiotherapy student practice education.
  • We shall promote, facilitate and support accessible CPD for practice educators and promote on-going engagement with and amongst those members.
  • We have designed a programme – available on the Learning & Development iCSP network – to offer both CPD opportunities and the chance to network with others involved in academic and practice education, to facilitate the exchange of information and ideas amongst a wider group of those involved in educating the future workforce.

CSP welcomes your input into planning and developing support for practice education in the future. If you would like to discuss how you can get involved, please contact us via email:


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