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Union services

Whether you are a physio or support worker, working in the NHS or private sector, help protect your job with our wide range of services.

File 213751CSP ERUS staff – together with stewards and safety reps – offer support, representation and advice to members on all work-related matters.

The society is the only trade union that operates exclusively for people delivering physiotherapy services.

As such, it provides both individual and collective support to its many members:

Benefit from individual support

Regardless of where you work, get help as an individual employee with:

Who is your local CSP steward or safety rep?
If you're not sure, ask at your NHS job induction, check out the CSP noticeboard in your workplace or contact CSP enquiries by phone 020 7306 6666, or send an email.

ERUS also produces member guidance on a wide range of workplace issues: browse through the list of publications.

Benefit from collective support

As a trade union, the society has an essential role representing, lobbying and campaigning on behalf of its members, not least:

File 213747

  • national negotiation of salaries and conditions for members working in the NHS
  • input into the NHS pay review body process to help determine annual pay awards
  • support for pursuing trade union recognition claims outside the NHS
  • local negotiation of personnel and employment policies within and outside the NHS
  • advice on preparing pay claims for non-NHS workplaces
  • providing targeted training courses to CSP stewards and safety reps.

Find out more

Read more about how the society operates as a trade union in this section of the website:

  • union structure looks at its main component parts
  • 50 workplace wins has specific examples of how workplace reps help thousands of members every year
  • and thanks, CSP features member comments on the support they received from the ERUS team.


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5 September 2017
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