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Heart unions week

File 170368The Trade Union Bill currently in the House of Lords is unnecessary, undemocratic and potentially unsafe. Trade unions and local union reps play a key role in making a Britain better place for employers, employees and patients.

In the week commencing 8 February we'll be joining the TUC-led 'Heart Unions' campaign to get this message out to the public, town centres and in workplaces as we continue to lobby politicians. Join in!

File 172934

Here's three things you can do

  1. sign the petition against the trade union bill to David Cameron
  2. download the CSP ‘heartunions’ poster and tweet a selfie of yourself using the hashtag #heartunions and CSP account name @thecsp
  3. check with your local steward if there's any activities you can join in your workplace or local area

Email your pic to Tom Gill and we can add it to our Flickr wall

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Please note: members from across the UK are encouraged to join the campaign. However, the Bill does not apply in Northern Ireland and the governments of Wales and Scotland have indicated they will be strong opposing its implementation in these countries.


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11 December 2015

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