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Become a steward

Becoming a CSP steward means that you become part of a national team that forms the trade union function of the CSP.

File 221241The steward's role is vital in supporting other members at work. Without stewards the society has no voice in the workplace and no way of knowing what problems members are facing.

Stewards perform their role in every type of working environment: most obviously across the entire health sector but also within universities, industry, non-profit organisations, the Ministry of Defence and many other workplaces besides.

Being a steward is a great way to learn new skills, support your colleagues and make a real difference. So go on, get elected today!

Do you need a steward?

If you are a CSP member and are in need of a steward, or want to find out more about services from employment relations, please see our union support page. And see our role of the steward page to find out what stewards do in more detail.

Members can log in to this page to find out how to become a CSP steward.


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13 November 2017

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