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Become a steward

Becoming a CSP steward means you are a vital link between your members, your employer and the CSP.

Stewards are an essential part of the workplace and the CSP. The role of the steward is vital to support CSP members at work through communication, representation and negotiation. Without stewards the CSP has no voice in the workplace and no way of knowing what problems members are facing.

There are stewards in NHS and independent hospitals, the community, private healthcare companies and private practice, universities, industry, non-profit organisations, the Ministry of Defence, the prison, police and fire services and many other workplaces.

In our 2012 survey the top three words used to describe the experience of being a steward were 'interesting', 'enjoyable' and 'challenging'. It’s a great way to learn new skills, support your colleagues and make a real difference.

So go on – get elected today!

Members can log in to this page to find out more about current workplace challenges and becoming a CSP steward.


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8 December 2015

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