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Pay claim: what you can do

The CSP has joined other health unions in launching a pay claim for NHS staff: an increase of 3.9% in line with inflation, plus an £800 consolidated lump sum. 

Take action on pay

Lobby your local MP: Arrange to meet your MP at their local surgery near you. And if you can't arrange to see your MP, then write a letter or send an email: use the messages below and/or any personal circumstances that help make the case for the claim.

Find your MP and their contact details

Read the latest news on NHS pay: 'Treasury must release funds to end NHS pay cap, says CSP' .

Read full background details to the current public sector pay crisisMoney talks: we need a pay rise.

Key messages

File 2164791: Since 2010, NHS pay has been held back by government in the name of austerity.

2: First the freeze, then a cap of one per cent resulting in NHS pay consistently falling behind the cost of living.

3: We want a real terms pay increase. The cap is now off but the increase must be fully funded and not financed from existing NHS budgets.

Other points to bear in mind about the claim:

  • it’s no way to treat dedicated and hard-working NHS staff who go to work to help people and to save lives
  • Westminster politicians have taken NHS staff for granted for too long - because they know that working in the NHS is more than just a job
  • however, NHS trade unions believe that the vocation of NHS staff shouldn't count against you when it comes to a decent pay rise
  • patients and the public think NHS staff are worth more
  • that's why all 14 NHS trade unions have come together to ask the government to give NHS staff a meaningful increase in April 2018 to help you keep up with the cost of living and start to make up for the years of lost pay.
  • this will also help secure the future of the NHS by making it a more attractive place to work.

What the CSP is doing

The society is:

  • working together with other health unions to jointly campaign and influence the government on pay
  • preparing CSP evidence to the NHS pay review body. This includes views of CSP members we have met across the country this summer and results from an online survey of members.

What CSP chief executive Karen Middleton says:

'The policy of pay restraint is inherently unfair and counterproductive and it must end. But lifting the pay cap without funding real-terms rises is an empty gesture.

'For too long this Government has taken the patient care delivered by NHS physiotherapy staff for granted.

'It's time they were fairly rewarded for their skills and the NHS properly funded to provide the services we all deserve.' 


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24 October 2017
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