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NHS pay: Scotland

Following acceptance of the three-year pay proposal for NHS England and the funding that flows from that, an offer has now been made for NHS staff in Scotland.

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The Scottish government has already committed to a 3% rise this year for all NHS staff in Scotland earning less than £80,000, with a flat rate rise of £1,600 for staff earning above this amount.

This pay rise was made ’on account’ pending the outcome of negotiations which have now concluded. This means there is now a three-year proposal on the table for staff employed by the NHS in Scotland. 

The CSP, along with other trade unions, is beginning the formal process of consulting its members.

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What is the offer? 

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The offer contains a number of different elements and more detail can be found on the dedicated NHS pay in Scotland website.

The offer includes:

  • An overall uplift of 9% by the end of year three for all staff on less than £80,000, with a flat rate of £1,600 each year for all those staff on more than £80,000.

Also included in the proposal is a pay restructure similar to the England agreement:

  • removing overlaps in pay bands by getting rid of the lowest pay points, whilst keeping the top ones
  • reducing the number of points significantly in pay bands 2-7 meaning it takes fewer years to get to the top
  • higher starting salaries to assist with recruitment and maintain better staffing levels.

In addition, there is a commitment to further discussions between employers and trade unions in four areas:

  • policy on management of sickness absence
  • organisational change and protection of earnings
  • utilisation and application of TOIL (time off in lieu)
  • appraisal and incremental progression.

Why is the CSP recommending the pay proposal?

The CSP Council pay working group has reviewed the proposal and is recommending acceptance of the offer because:

  • we welcome the approach to pay in Scotland with rises that break decisively through the 1% pay ceiling experienced by CSP members since 2010
  • there is also additional funding to support the pay rises
  • the restructure will provide a big uplift in starting salaries and faster progression to the top of each pay band and removal of band overlaps will ensure promotion comes with a proper pay rise
  • these changes should make working in the NHS in Scotland more attractive it should boost recruitment and retention, and so somewhat alleviate the load of existing staff while also improving services.

We do recognise that these proposals affect members differently because of the restructure. Those already at the top of their pay bands will receive a 9% uplift. Those who are still progressing to the top will also gain from bigger increments and quicker progress to the top.  However, overall these proposals ensure all staff will receive pay rises that begin to address the years of below inflation awards.


The CSP will be running workplace meetings across Scotland over the next few weeks and there will also be an online vote, opening on 9 July, to give each member directly employed by the NHS in Scotland a chance to have their say on the proposals.

The online vote is now open and the consultation process will run to mid-August. 

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9 July 2018
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