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General Election: email your candidates to ask for fair pay

NHS physiotherapy staff have lost thousands of pounds in real terms since pay restraint was imposed by the government in the public sector in 2010.


A physio at the top of Band 6 lost £4,857, or 12.1% of their salary. If wages had kept up with the cost of living, as measured by the retail price index, the salary would have stood at £40,112 in 2016 but instead it was £35,225. This excludes this year's 1% rise, which was outripped by inflation again, widening the losses to NHS staff even further.

The policy on pay, capped at 1% annually after an initial two years of a pay freeze, will remain in place until 2020 (perhaps 2022, when the next general election is due) under plans announced by the government before the general election.

Find out how much you stand to lose by using the TUC's new wage calculator:

What will you earn in 2022?

The CSP wants whichever political party (or parties) that win the general election and secure a parliamentary majority to lift the cap on public sector pay.

Email the candidates in your constituency to ask them to pledge to lift the cap. Use the online tool on the YourVoteMatters website to find out who they are:

find out who your candidates are

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26 May 2017
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