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Mileage allowances

If you drive or use public transport for work, you may be able to claim back the costs. Use guidance on this page to find out about rates and eligibility.

File 194841The NHS mileage allowance is available to physiotherapy staff on Agenda for Change contracts, or those with Agenda for Change mileage allowances built into their contracts. If that is you, you can claim for all work-related travel, except your commute between home and work.

NHS Mileage Rates (detailed in Section 17 of Agenda for Change) are reviewed twice a year in November and June.

The November review looks at the costs of fuel alone. The June review looks at the total cost of motoring including fuel. Rates can change if there is a plus / minus 5 % change in costs.

The November 2016 review has confirmed that while fuel costs have been falling the change in costs over the last 12 months has not broken the +/- 5% threshold that triggers a change in allowances.

This means that the current 56/20p rates in Section 17.12 remain the same.

Information specifically related to lease cars is contained in Annex M.

Find out more

Visit the NHS Employers website for more information on the NHS mileage allowance for England, Northern Ireland and Scotland.

See the Health in Wales website to find out about arrangments for those employed by the NHS in Wales.


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