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Reasonable adjustments for workers with disabilities

Learn about the concept of reasonable adjustments for workers with disabilities. This page is aimed at CSP stewards, health and safety reps and members.

Reasonable adjustments for workers with disabilities from on Vimeo.

Reasonable adjustments: learning objectives

The video above and the documents below have the following learning objectives. After working through both you should:

  • Be clear on the legal definition of a reasonable adjustment and who it applies to
  • Understand what could constitute a reasonable adjustment in the workplace
  • Be able to explain what steps members should take if they feel a reasonable adjustment is required (CSP reps)
  • Understand how to proceed if a reasonable adjustment has not been made, and the legal remedies available

If you are using the video as a learning resource, take some time to look at the quiz and case study below.

In light of what you have learned, consider the advice you could give to the CSP member in the case study.


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