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Workplace pressure

Are workloads stressing you out?

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Your health and wellbeing matters. High stress levels and heavy workloads are:

  • bad for physiotherapy staff
  • bad for your patients
  • bad for our NHS

It doesn’t have to be this way. In the New Year you’ll be hearing more about what the CSP is doing about this issue.

In the meantime, find out more about how you and your employer can tackle stress in the workplace:

Tackle workplace stress

Stressed out: some stress at work might help us meet a pressing deadline, for example, but too much can have disastrous consequences.

Come together: addressing work-related stress: Employers must work with NHS trade unions to address work-related stress, says Kim Sunley.

Managing pressures in practice: CSP professional adviser Gwyn Owen looks at how your professional standards could be helpful when you face potentially compromising pressures at work.

CSP stress advice sheets

Pinpoint the pressure campaign - gathering the evidence

As part of our 2017 national stress campaign we have produced a new resource pack to assist our reps to identify the causes of workplace stress and over-work.  

The pack includes: a simple survey, instructions, a results form and templates on how best to share your findings with colleagues and your employer. 


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Last reviewed

7 October 2016
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