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Health and safety

The CSP believes health and safety in the workplace is an issue for everyone.

Every year, thousands of people suffer accidents and ill-health at work - most of which could be avoided. Unions and health and safety laws save and protect lives. But many more could be protected from harm if health and safety laws were better enforced.

We are working with other unions, the TUC and like-minded organisations for a new way of working that guarantees every worker a safe and healthy workplace.

If you have suffered an injury and/or have concerns that your working environment is bad for your health, contact your local CSP safety rep.

CSP campaign: Pinpoint the Pressure

File 196202Members working in the NHS are struggling to cope with high workloads, reduced resources and support during these difficult times.

Find out more about the CSP campaign

CSP campaign: Building a Better Balance

File 212895Find out how alternative working patterns can work well for staff, employers and patients alike.

Help promote the benefits of flexible working

Act now on occupational stress

File 190854As a physio, you're by no means alone if you're feeling stressed at work. What can you do to help yourself and colleagues?

See member guidance about tackling stress

Get help as a CSP safety rep

File 216443The CSP produces a wide range of briefings on health and safety issues and also has a dedicated network on iCSP for discussion and shared learning.

Browse CSP resources for safety reps

Guidance on manual handling

File 216107Avoid work-related musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) by reading specialist CSP guidance for physiotherapy staff.

Access 'Guidance on Manual Handling in Physiotherapy'

Safeguard your physiotherapy career

File 169944Use the NHS Employer's Back in Work pack to reduce the incidence of work-related back and musculoskeletal disorders.

Visit the NHS Employer's website

Tackling abuse: dealing with domestic violence

File 219302Would you be able to spot signs that a patient or colleague is the victim of domestic abuse?

Find ways to raise your awareness

Health and safety resources

File 216450Access member guidance to help you deal with a wide variety of health and safety issues in the workplace.

See what's available


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23 October 2017

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