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Equality and diversity

Equality and diversity principles are central to CSP work we do on your behalf to eliminate all forms of inequality and discrimination from physiotherapy workplaces.

How trade unions help promote workplace E&D

Physio Rachael Machin shares her story on how trade unionism helped her to promote equality and diversity in the workplace.

Needing help

If you are facing problems at work, the first step is usually to find out what employer policies you are covered by, and then if necessary contact your local steward for advice. CSP stewards have been trained to deal with members' problems, including harassment and discrimination. In complex cases, stewards will be supported by full-time senior negotiating officers and we also have access to professional legal services.

The CSP's Equality & Diversity Toolkit is an accessible and user-friendly resource for key information on equality and diversity issues. It's aimed at all members including clinicians, managers, stewards, safety reps, educators, associates and students. The toolkit guides you through equalities law and best practice in the workplace, and helps provide the confidence to start discussions and raise awareness.

Other relevant CSP publications are listed at the foot of this page.

Equality Act 2010

Employees are protected against all forms of discrimination and harassment by comprehensive legislation, which includes religion, age and sexual orientation.

The Equality Act came into force in April 2010. It harmonised existing discrimination law by consolidating more than 100 pieces of separate legislation into a single Act. 

CSP members working in NHS organisations are also covered by a comprehensive set of agreements outlined in the NHS Terms and Conditions Handbook.

CSP networks

File 87107We have set up networks for disabled members, black and minority ethnic members, and lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender members.

We also have an Equality and Diversity Group which is a standing committee of the Industrial Relations Committee.


CSP publications for members

We have also produced briefing papers on bullying, harassment and discrimination issues:


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