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The CSP is working to secure the best outcomes for both patients and staff alike in Greater Manchester following the devolution of health powers.

Taking Charge of our Health and Social Care in Greater Manchester is the five-year plan and STP that sets out aims to improve the health and wellbeing of people in the area.

We believe that physiotherapy can play a central role in achieving the aims of the plan by:

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  • providing additional capacity in primary care
  • helping people live independently in their own homes
  • preventing falls
  • supporting fitness for work
  • reducing deaths from cancer, respiratory and cardiovascular disease.

Read more about these and other benefits in our briefing: Physiotherapy: buzzing with ideas for Greater Manchester.

Giving physio staff a voice

At the same time, and as a trade union, we have been involved in ensuring physio staff have a voice through suitable partnership arrangements. We are also seeking assurances on employment standards and protections for NHS services and funding. To this end, the CSP continues to work closely with the TUC and other health unions in ongoing high level meetings with decision-makers.

What you can do as a member

Members who are likely to be affected by the proposed changes should contact their regional steward if it is about NHS workplace terms and conditions.

If you work outside the NHS and have concerns, or if you wish to provide any other feedback, please contact the CSP enquiries by phone on 020 7306 6666 or email

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29 December 2015

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