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Action Medical Research and Charitable Trust joint awards

The CSP Charitable Trust in conjunction with Action Medical Research are offering a paediatric research funding award for experienced researchers, to support research into paediatric non-acquired brain injury and/or paediatric cerebral palsy.

Applying for funding

Please read the FAQs on this page for further information.

For experienced researchers the CSP Charitable Trust has teamed up with Action Medical Research and together is providing an award of up to £250,000 to successful applicants. Action Medical Research will continue to run its response mode project grants round and applications will be considered through the Action Medical Research peer review system.

Where the principal investigator is a member of the CSP and the research is in the area of paediatric non-acquired brain injury and/or paediatric cerebral palsy joint funding up to £250,000 will be available.

Application timetable

Please note the following:

  • deadline for submitting outline: Wednesday 30 March 2016 by 5pm
  • deadline for submitting full proposal: Tuesday 28 June 2016
  • date outcome expected to be announced: November 2016

Apply via the AMRC website.

FAQs for Action Medical Research applications

I can't find the form on CSP website
You need to apply through the Action Medical Research website.

Who should I contact for help/support with my application?
Send an email to Action Medical Research:

Am I eligible to apply?
Please check the Action Medical Research website for application guidelines and exclusions. If you are also a CSP member and have sufficient research experience then you are eligible to apply for the joint award.

Can the team apply for £250,000 if I am not the lead researcher?
An application will only be eligible for the joint-funding amount of up to £250k if you apply as the lead researcher. If you are a co-applicant the maximum you can apply for is £200k.

The form says I can only apply for up to £200k - and not £250k as you advertise?
Action Medical research will accept application from CSP members of up to £250k. An application will only be eligible for the joint-funding amount of up to £250k. If you apply as the lead researcher. If you are a co-applicant the maximum you can apply for is £200k.

How does Action know I am a CSP member?
You will be required to include your CSP membership number in your application.

Can I apply for a presentation grant if my application is successful?
If your project is funded, you will be able to apply to the CSP Charitable Trust for £600 to support you with the cost of presenting at Physiotherapy UK. Please contact the Awards Officer via email for more details:

Who will judge the application?
Your application will be assessed by Action Medical Research's scientific panel, which includes representatives from the CSP Charitable Trust's Scientific Panel.

Who will administer the award if I am successful?
The award will be administered through Action Medical Research and subject to their standard terms and conditions of research awards, as well as specific conditions relating to projects funded through this collaboration that will be issued at the point of award.

Is this related to the CSP Research Priorities project?
You may find that citing the CSP Research Priorities if relevant to your application and other priorities will enhance your application and illustrate why the topic area is of importance. For more information see specific priority areas

Who was Nancie Finnie and how is this scheme funded?
Nancie Finnie was one of the first therapists to look at the issues of Cerebral Palsy from a more practical and functional viewpoint. A charity was established in 2000 to fund research to develop physiotherapy practice with children suffering from mental or physical handicap at birth. In 2012 the Nancie Finnie Charitable Trust was incorporated into the CSP Charitable Trust to continue and develop research funding in her areas of interest. Nancie Finnie's influential book has recently been updated to reflect recent changes and current practice.


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