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Ethics and governance resources

A variety of organisations and services can assist with questions of ethics and governance.


The Health research authority is an NHS organisation established as a special health authority to protect and promote the interests of patients and the public in health research.

Research Ethics Services

The National Research Ethics Service covers the whole of the UK:

UK Research Integrity Office (UKRIO)

The UKRIO is an independent body providing expert advice and guidance on the conduct of research.

They publish a Code of practice for research, a reference tool to support researchers and research organisations undertake research of the highest quality.

The Code provides principles and standards for research, including a recommended checklist for researchers.

NHS R&D Forum

The NHS R&D Forum is a not-for-profit membership organisation that aims to support the NHS research community.

A useful source of information and guidance on undertaking research in the NHS. Monthly newsletter provides updates on any changes in governance and ethics policy. 

The NHS R&D Forum Research Governance Documentation and Information Guide (2008) provides a comprehensive summary of current regulations, guidance and information relating to research governance.

Social Care Research Ethics Committee (SCREC)

Further information

Moore A., Lyon P (ed.). Getting involved in research – a pocket guide. London; National Physiotherapy Research Network (2009)

A revised edition of Chapter 1.6, Research ethics and governance (2012) is available online separately.

For a simple summary of the type of ethical review required and related policy, see this resource produced by Cardiff University School of Social Sciences.


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