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Patient and clinician priorities

Most organisations will ensure that they include the views of patients and clinicians when setting their research priorities. Some projects are specifically developed to establish the priorities of patients, carers and clinicians.

James Lind Alliance

The James Lind Alliance has been set up to identify important gaps in knowledge about the effect of treatments. It brings together 'Working Partnerships' of patients and clinicians to identify and prioritise unanswered questions that they agree are most important.

This information is then made available to health research funders to make them aware of what matters to patients and clinicians. Projects undertaken by the JLA include research priorities in asthma, dementia, multiple sclerosis, Stroke in Scotland, and urinary incontinence.

See their website for further information:

Database of Uncertainties about the Effects of Treatments (DUETS)

DUETS contains information about treatment uncertainties that cannot be answered by reliable up-to-date systematic reviews of research evidence. Its primary use is to help prioritise UK research priorities taking into account the information needs of patients, carers and clinicians.

Uncertainties are identified from three main sources:

  1. patients', carers' and clinicians' questions about the effects of treatments
  2. research recommendations in reports of systematic reviews and clinical guidelines
  3. ongoing research, both systematic reviews in preparation and new 'primary' studies

See the website for further information:


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