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Doing research

The prioritised topics are already supported by some evidence but the amount for individual topics varies considerably.

For some topics, the first step is to undertake a literature search to establish what is already known about that topic.

Most topics will benefit from a range of research projects utilising different methodologies.

The type and size of projects will vary for different topics, ranging from small pilot or feasibility study, case studies and data collection projects through to large clinical trials.

For more information about developing research questions, read Developing research questions.

To achieve the maximum impact from the research priorities project, researchers at all levels of experience need to engage with the prioritised areas and work collaboratively to build up the evidence base for each topic.

Get involved

If you are planning or undertaking research in any of the research priorities you should do the following:

  • Check how the priorities have been used so far to find out if anyone else is researching the topic
  • Contact other researchers investigating the topic to share ideas and discuss how findings from different projects might collectively help to develop the evidence base in that area. This might also help you to develop research collaborations and avoid unnecessary duplication
  • Contact with details of your research topic, so that we can update the topic database and help put you in contact with other researchers.

Collaborations are being developed with two key groups:

CSP Alliances and Professional Networks (PNs)

The PNs and Alliances play a crucial role in developing and supporting the profession’s use and understanding of the evidence base.

The networks are therefore pivotal in promoting research that focuses on building evidence in areas of greatest priority.

PN and Alliance engagement with the CSP-identified priorities has been developed through the Professional Networks Chairs Forum. The plan has three components:

  • Strategic discussion by individual PNs to agree their specific involvement in the project
  • Themed events and resources
  • Dissemination of information to PN members

For further information please see the following:

Course leaders of Masters-level physiotherapy programmes

The CSP research priorities project team and Masters course leaders have been working together to maximise the impact of research undertaken at postgraduate level.

Many of the prioritised topics are suitable for post-registration Masters projects. 

A database of research questions has been developed, to promote priority topics and to coordinate postgraduate research undertaken in prioritised areas.

It is important that findings from Masters research projects are disseminated in the public domain.

The CSP Charitable Trust are supporting this through a new Masters Dissemination Award scheme to help cover some of the costs entailed with publishing and disseminating research.


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