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CSP Research Priorities

Physiotherapy research priorities focus research and funding in the areas of physiotherapy practice that require evidence most urgently.

The most recent CSP project to identify priorities took place in 2010/11. The project has been fully documented in an article in Physiotherapy Journal.

Current research priorities

Using research priorities

The current priorities are being used in three main ways:

  • Developing research questions

The recent research priorities project identified key topics. Many of the topics are broad and require further analysis in terms of what is already known in this area, what type(s) of research is needed next, and a range of specific research questions.

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  • Attracting funding

Research funders have their own strategies and need to invest in research that will have high impact. Demonstrating why a research topic is important and how it aligns to a specific organsiation’s own priorities is the first step in getting research funded.

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  • Doing research

The prioritised topics identify areas of physiotherapy practice that most urgently require a larger, robust evidence base. To achieve this, physiotherapy researchers at all levels are encouraged to focus their research in prioritised areas.

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How the priorities have been used so far

Keep us up to date with how you are using a research priority - email us at

Get involved with research priorities

If you are interested in a particular topic, or any of the ways we are using the research priorities, get in contact with us to discuss ideas by emailing


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17 May 2013
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