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Doing research: finding the evidence

CSP offers access to links and databases to aid research efforts, alongside external resources.

The CSP guide to literature searching

This is a comprehensive resource for CSP members to help develop effective information searching skills. It includes information on:

  • Why and how to undertake a literature search
  • Saving searches and references
  • Searching the internet
  • Access to databases and journals
  • Access to statistics
  • Access to research trial information
  • Resources on critical appraisal and evidence based practice

The CSP guide to literature searching

Griffiths, L. CSP guide to literature searching: to help you develop effective information searching skills (3rd ed). London: The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy; 2007.

Accessing the evidence: CSP resources

CSP library collection and online library catalogue

The CSP’s online public access library catalogue contains over 10,000 items, including books, CSP publications, journals, theses and ‘grey’ literature held in the CSP collection in London. Many of these items are available for CSP members to borrow.

The catalogue also lists useful websites, e-books and e-documents, with web links direct to the content.

Online journals

The CSP has negotiated a package of online resources for members, including full text access to some journals.

For details of the full text access status for any journal, view the journal’s record in the online library catalogue.

Bibliographic databases

The CSP subscribes to a range of allied health and medical databases which CSP members can access.

Some databases also provide full text access to part of their content. Non-CSP members can access a range of free databases.

Getting involved in research

Peace A. Chapter 1.3: Searching and appraising the literature. In: Moore A, Lyon P (ed.). Getting involved in research : a pocket guide. Chartered Society of Physiotherapy, National Physiotherapy Research Network, 2009.

Accessing the evidence: Other resources

Hewitt M, revised Keen C. How to search and critically evaluate research literature. NHS National Institute for Health Research, Research Design Service EM/YH; 2007, last updated 2009.

The Primary Health Care Research and Information Service provides some web-based information on accessing evidence.

This is an Australian organisation and so many of the suggested sources (e.g. state libraries) are Australia-based:

(Includes a definition of grey literature, why it is important, how to identify grey literature, evaluation and critical appraisal, grey literature databases, clearing houses, conference proceedings, theses and dissertations, sharing data, projects and measurement tools.)

Chan AW. Out of sight but not out of mind: how to search for unpublished clinical trial evidence. BMJ2012;344:d8013

Beverley C, Booth A, Falzon L et al. Managing references. National Institute for Health Research, Research Design Service EM/YH: 2007; last updated 2009


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