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Information and downloads to give your research the best possible start.

Research funding

File 197831Apply now for CSP Charitable Trust PRF awards and find out how to secure funding for research projects, dissemination and training.

Find out more about research funding

Research strategy

File 197920Our vision for UK physiotherapy research is to demonstrate the value and impact of UK physiotherapy services.

See more on the CSP strategy

Research priorities

File 197833Physiotherapy research priorities focus research and funding in areas of practice requiring urgent evidence.

Learn more about the CSP's research priorities exercise for 2017

Networking and support

File 197910Find out more about the wider physiotherapy research community through the Council for Allied Health Professions Research, the CSP researchers directory and the society's networks.

Look into physiotherapy research networks

Doing research

File 197916Learn more about the mechanics of research such as developing a research question, study design and methodologies, and data collection and analysis.

Develop your research skills

Ethics and governance issues

File 197679Complying with governance procedures and undergoing ethical review are essential steps in ensuring the integrity and quality of a research project.

See more on research ethics and governance

Dissemination and impact

File 197914The purpose of disseminating research is to achieve impact. Key messages and implications of research are targeted to decision makers and stakeholders in a way that encourages them to utilise the research findings.

Find out more about dissemination and impact

Careers and training

File 197725Have a career in physiotherapy research as an academic specialist or actively combine it with a clinical role.

See more on research careers and training


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