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Criteria: Working in partnership

4.1 Services are designed, planned and delivered with the aim of promoting and improving the health of individuals and the local population and decreasing health inequalities


4.1.1 Service users and carers are involved in the planning, development and delivery of services

4.1.2 Service development and delivery is informed by local demographic/epidemiological data

4.1.3 Processes are in place to explore the effect of rationing and other measures on the sufficiency and quality of care received by service users

4.1.4 There is a system in place for obtaining feedback from service users about existing services

4.1.5 There is evidence of action taken as a result of service users’ feedback and experiences

4.2 Service users are respected as individuals and placed at the centre of service planning and physiotherapy management


4.2.1 Service users are involved in service planning and service evaluation through service user experience surveys, focus groups and ongoing service user feedback

4.2.2 Service users are informed of the contact name of the physiotherapist responsible for their episode of care where appropriate

4.2.3 The service user’s privacy and dignity is respected

4.2.4 The service user is offered a chaperone where appropriate

4.2.5 Members:

  • A: demonstrate care and compassion in their interaction with service users
  • B: are courteous and considerate
  • C: address the service user by the name of their choice
  • D: consider the service user’s lifestyle, cultural beliefs and practices
  • E: respect and respond appropriately to, an individual’s lifestyle, personal and cultural beliefs and practices

4.3 Information is provided to enable service users to participate fully in their care


4.3.1   Appropriate information is available to service users on:

  • A: the range of services and options of intervention available
  • B: arrangements for the first contact with the physiotherapist
  • C: access to services
  • D: costs of care where appropriate
  • E: transport and access
  • F: did not attend / cancellation policies
  • G: access to medical records
  • H: access to physiotherapy records
  • I: hazards related to clinical care
  • J: discharge planning
  • K: how to provide feedback on the physiotherapy service
  • L: how to make a complaint


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