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Audit tool: Learning and development

Details for quality assurance in learning and development can be found below. Please download the audit tool from the bottom of the page.

Part 1B: Data collection tool from organisational policies and procedures

There is a structure in place to facilitate members to

  • Assess their learning and development needs and preferences 
  • Develop and engage in a personalised plan to meet their learning and development needs 
  • Critically evaluate their learning in terms of how it relates to their current/future practice
  • Record and evidence the outcomes of the learning process.

There is a structure in place to facilitate

  • Members to work with learner(s) to establish learning outcomes for any CPD opportunity provided
  • Members design and deliver materials/experiences that facilitate an individual’s learning and development
  • Members to evaluate the effectiveness of the CPD opportunity provided
  • Members to critically reflect on the learning and development process 
  • Engaging with CPD opportunities to enable them to support student’s learning and development

Supprt members in 

  • providing opportunities for students to learn and develop
  • ensuring that multidisciplinary working promotes understanding of the roles and the value of other professions involved in delivering high quality healthcare
  • working collaboratively with other colleagues to ensure appropriate models of supervision
  • critically evaluating their own learning and development needs and preferences as well as their students, in order to adapt their teaching styles appropriately
  • sharing their own learning appropriately with other colleagues involved in supporting students, and with the students themselves
  • consistency and transparency in member’s assessment of student learning

There is an organisational structure in place to

  • Ensure that the CPD policies and processes are inclusive and equitable, and implemented in ways that accommodate all members’ learning and development needs
  • Provide CSP members with protected personal learning time of at least half a day per month for informal CPD activities in addition to study leave arrangements for formal CPD and mandatory training
  • Ensure that CSP members have access to advice, guidance, and a variety of learning and development resources that enable the individual to implement their CPD plan
  • Evaluate the development needs of the service on an annual basis to inform the learning and development physiotherapy team members


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