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Primary Care - Physiotherapy Cost Calculator

The Cost Calculator helps you estimate how much time and money can be saved by having physiotherapists as the first point of contact in GP surgeries.

The Physiotherapy Cost Calculator helps you understand the cost of a potential service in primary care.

The video above introduces the calculator and takes you through its main features.

After watching the video, download the calculator using the link below to discover how much your service could save compared to current service models.

Your results can be used to create a local business case for physiotherapy in primary care.

Download the Physiotherapy Cost Calculator

Make the case for your service

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If physiotherapy were the first point of contact in the average practice, GPs would be able to see each of their patients for 5 minutes longer, increasing quality of care.

You can use the image above to spread the message and encourage others to find out how much time and money physiotherapy can save.


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