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Standardised data collection

Find out why standardised data collection has become an essential part of modern healthcare.


What is standardised data collection?

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Data collection will be central to this major new development.  It will help us demonstrate our effectiveness and impact on GP workload and acute and secondary care pathways. 

Find out more about the England-wide pilot of the role and how it will be evaluated. 

Standardised data collection is the practice of services (and their staff) collecting and recording the same defined and agreed data items about their patients/clients. Data is recorded about the patient by individual practitioners as part of the patient assessment and intervention record. Information can then easily be extracted from the patient record to inform benchmarking of performance, which can support improvement in quality of service and the reduction of inequalities.

Data collected is anonymised in the data set to protect the identity of individual patients. Data collected can cover aspects of: patient demographics; service delivery; process of care and referral pathways; clinical findings; outcomes of care; costs of care; profile of care provider; content of care; and factors influencing care.

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