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Disease-specific PROMs

Whilst generic PROMs allow the opportunity for comparability between conditions, use of disease specific PROMs can provide additional sensitivity. 

These are tools which have been designed and researched with particular conditions, diseases or functional problems in mind. The challenge for applying disease specific PROMs, particularly in a standardised way, is the variety of these tools available.

It is important to balance the need to demonstrate the impact of an intervention for patients with avoiding an unnecessary data burden. Therefore when choosing a disease specific PROM it is important to consider the potential audiences who the information will influence.

These may include a combination of:

  • patients
  • clinicians
  • audit teams
  • researchers
  • local managers
  • commissioners and/or service planners

The CSP has been working with various professional networks to seek recommendations for standardised PROMs and available 'viewed performance measures'. The recommendations are available via the templates link below.

These are suggested standardised PROMs for routine collection, members should feel free to use any other outcome which their services or patients require. Services should aim where possible to collect a standard generic PROM, disease specific PROM and an experience measure.


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Last reviewed

23 May 2014
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