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NICE consultation on community engagement

It's your chance to respond to the NICE consultation on 'Community engagement: effective strategies for behaviour change'.


What is the consultation?

The key recommendations of the guidance are as follows, but do take a look at the whole document if you would like further information:

Key recommendations

The quality standard statements are:

  • Statement 1: commissioners of health and wellbeing initiatives work with local communities to agree the aims for the initiative
  • Statement 2: commissioners of health and wellbeing initiatives agree with local communities how to measure the impact of the initiatives once the aims are agreed
  • Statement 3: commissioners of health and wellbeing initiatives work with local communities to identify the skills, knowledge, networks, relationships and facilities within the local community
  • Statement 4: providers of health and wellbeing initiatives identify community members who can take on bridging roles to form effective relationships between statutory, community and voluntary organisations and those involved in the initiative

Who is this information aimed at?

NICE consultations are appropriate for physiotherapy staff at all levels to get involved with. This particular quality standard is likely to be of more interest to physiotherapy staff working in the community, or with an interest in public health.

Why should I get involved?

This is your chance to influence what national guidelines say about priority areas for quality improvement in a particular area. Not only does this provide you with an opportunity to make your professional opinion heard, but this acts as a valuable CPD opportunity.

This activity can be used to evidence meeting a variety of HCPC and CSP standards including:

  • 'Be able to demonstrate effective and appropriate verbal and non-verbal skills in communicating information, advice, instruction and professional opinion to service users, colleagues and others' - HCPC standard 8.1
  • 'Understand the following aspects of clinical science: the specific contribution that physiotherapy can potentially make to enhancing individuals’ functional ability, together with the evidence base for this' - HCPC standard 13.8
  • 'Recognise their role as advocates for the physiotherapy profession' - CSP Code 2.3.2
  • 'Collaborate with colleagues within and across settings, sectors and professions in the best interests of service users' - CSP Code 3.4.1

You can use the CSP workbook connecting with the CSP to help you make the links between how this activity has contributed to your personal and professional development, and link this to the HCPC and CSP standards.

How do I get involved?

The CSP is a registered stakeholder to provide input into this quality standard and are keen to gather member responses to NICE.

If you would like to read the draft of this quality standard and provide your professional opinion as to its content, please have a read of the summary above, or see the full document: Download a copy of the feedback form at the foot of this page to send your comments to the CSP.

We will use your comments to inform the profession wide response. Please only use the feedback form provided, and return the form to, by 5pm on Thursday 18 August.

How will my response be used?

As a stakeholder, we can only submit one response. Therefore, any comments you send us will be used alongside all of the other comments received to help inform the overall CSP response.

Further help

For some pointers on responding to a consultation like this, take a look at our Top 10 tips for responding to consultations.


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