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Physiotherapy case studies

We’re aiming to build a collection of case studies of successful physiotherapy projects and initiatives.  A resource that can inform, inspire and influence and which demonstrates the value of Physiotherapy. 

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Quality assured case studies of successful physiotherapy initiatives are very important.  They demonstrate our expertise and our ability to innovate, adapt and deliver for patients. This is crucial in shaping and securing our future success. 

Sharing examples of our work enables us to not only show what we can do, but helps us learn from one another’s experience.  For the CSP, the case studies are invaluable for our efforts to influence policy and promote the profession.

We aim, with your help, to build a valuable resource for members and the Society, that demonstrates the value of Physiotherapy.  We’re now looking for contributions to our database. Submitting your initiative raises the profile of your work, providing you with the opportunity to share and promote your successes with other physiotherapists across the UK.

Adding a case study

You can send your case studies to us online.  They will then go through a quality assurance process. As part of this process, we are likely to contact you to clarify points or to get more information.

Our aim is for all published case studies to be of a similar standard, and meet a set of minimum criteria.  This is essential, if they are to be a valuable resource to the wider profession.

How we can support you

While submitting a case study is not a quick task, it is a supported process.  We're here to help you showcase your work and what you have achieved in the best possible light. You can contact us on 0207 314 7852 or if you’d like to discuss or have questions about case studies. 

We also have a five minute option to ‘Get a steer’, where you can submit a simple online form with an outline of your project.  We will then come back to you to advise you whether or not to proceed with a full submission. To submit your case study or ‘Get a steer’ go to ‘Physiotherapy Case Studies’.

Physiotherapy Case Studies

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