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Leadership Development Programme

Apply now

Do you work in the South Central or North West regions and satisfy the eligibility criteria? Then apply now!

Following the success of this year’s programme, we are delighted to announce recruitment for the 2018 programme.

The application deadline is 5pm on Friday 13 October 2017.


Course structure

The programme uses a variety of provoking, engaging and fun learning methods. This will allow you to learn from the programme team, yourself and your cohort colleagues. The course consists of:

  • File 213394Five module workshops
  • Three action learning set meetings
  • Three webinars
  • Four live virtual discussions
  • Live online speed coaching sessions
  • Personality profiling and reflective learning log

  • Guide to self-directed development

  • A personal development plan

Key dates

programme element dates
Modules 1 and 2 (residential) North West: Fri 12th and Sat 13th Jan 2018
South Central: Fri 2nd and Sat 3rd March 2018
Live discussion online
ALS Intro and ALS 1
Regional venue to be decided by ALS
North West: Sat 10th Feb 2018
South Central: Sat 7th April 2018
Speed coaching sessions online
Webinar 1 online
Live discussion online
Modules 3 and 4 (residential) North West: Fri 27th and Sat 28th April 2018
South Central: Fri 8th and Sat 9th June 2018
Speed coaching sessions online
Regional venue to be decided by ALS
North West: Fri 18th May 2018
South Central: Thurs 12th July 2018
Live discussion online
Webinar 2 online
Speed coaching sessions online
Regional venue to be decided by ALS
North West: Weds 4th July 2018
South Central: Fri 5th Oct 2018
Live discussion online
Webinar 3 online
Speed coaching sessions online
Module 5 and Celebration Event North West: Fri 12th Oct 2018
South Central: Fri 7th Dec 2018.


To be eligible you will need to:

  • wish to achieve more from your current role by developing specific leadership skills and behaviours
  • lead or manage people and/or services but have not had formal development in these fields.
  • be a CSP member working in the South Central or North West regions (see below)
  • contribute to services delivered in the community
  • have your employer’s approval to undertake the programme
  • have the appetite and interest for spending time (some of it your own) on CPD
  • be willing to try new ways of thinking and operating in the workplace.

Regional recruitment

North West: Cumbria, Lancashire, Isle of Man, Liverpool, Manchester and Cheshire

South Central: Isle of Wight and Hampshire, Berkshire, Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire and the Channel Islands

Regional recruitment is conducted due to the following:

  • Recruitment from regions is due to the delivery methods used throughout the course.  Several times throughout the year, you will be expected to meet with a group of peers, within your region, to discuss your learning journey, via action learning set theory. 
  • It ensures participants have a knowledge of the local and regional healthcare economy – which is incredibly important when discussing service improvement methodology etc.
  • This also ensures that travel time and costs are kept low for participants.  
  • Places are limited to a maximum of 48 - recruitment from the entire membership is not feasible.

The North West and South Central were chosen for the following reasons:

  • Regions are selected taking into account regional variation (e.g. North & South) and priority to regions with known significant change
    • NW has accountable care system in Cumbria and devolution in Manchester
    • South Central has a large accountable care system. 


We asked some of our 2017 cohort to feedback on their experience and the impact that the LDP had for them.

File 213390L-R: : Joe Head, Laura Swarbrick, Jen Cartwright, Katy Thomas, Naomi Shipley

1. What is the biggest change you have noticed in yourself since taking part in the programme?

'… more emotionally aware about how my leadership style affects others…' (Joe Head, clinical operations manager)

'…the Programme has helped me to tailor my thoughts and ideas so I can be more effective.' (Laura Swarbrick, private MSK physiotherapist)

2. How has the programme implemented on your practice?

'…empowered me to…secure a new band 7 job, all of which I would have never had the confidence to do without the skills I learnt on this course.' (Naomi Shipley, senior physiotherapist)

'I can better communicate, motivate and work with my patients to meet their needs and achieve their outcomes.(Katy Thomas, Band 7 children and young people’s physiotherapist)

'It has helped me to have more confidence in “influencing the influencers”…' (Joe Head)

3. What would you say to other physios considering applying to the programme?

'This programme is a fantastic way to start your leadership journey to improved emotional intelligence, how to engage and empower others and how to start leading change within your teams and departments.' (Jen Cartwright, specialist rehab physiotherapist)

'The ability to network with other physiotherapists who have an understanding of the challenges faced within our profession for guidance, support and to constructively consider an alternative point of view has been invaluable to me throughout the 12-month programme.' (Jen Cartwright)

'I highly recommend this programme and its facilitators – excellent course content, learning material, teachers and peers.' (Katy Thomas)


Sue Hayward-Giles – Assistant Director of Practice, CSP
Stuart Palma – Programme Transition Manager, CSP
Amy Thomson – Programme Support Officer, CSP
Kelly Clifford – Evaluation Manager, CSP
Linda Grootegoed - Programme Support Officer, CSP

Delivery team

Heather Wicks – Director, Connect Oxford
Anne-Marie Scott – Director, Connect Oxford


There is no charge for taking part in the programme. One night of accommodation, including dinner, lunch and breakfast, between each residential event is provided. Travel expenses are not covered.

The cost per participant is approximately £6000, funded by the CSP Charitable Trust. You and/or your organisation will be liable for this amount if you choose to withdraw from the programme after enrolment, unless you have evidence of exceptional circumstances.


Eligible members are advised to apply as early as possible due to competition for places. The CSP reserves the right to close recruitment early due to the volume of applicants. Applications open on 1 September.

Application deadline: 5pm on Friday 13 October 2017


Please contact us at if you require any further information or assistance about the programme.


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