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Physiotherapy works events

File 142247The series of Physiotherapy Works events that ran from 2014 to 2015 has now finished. Congratulations and thank you to everyone who attended one of these workshops.


The energy and willingness to participate has been absolutely brilliant —
Sue Rees, CSP Council chair

Over the course of some six months, 1,400 members attended one of 14 events held across the 10 English regions, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

We hope that attending these workshops helped to demonstrate the importance of sharing the message that Physiotherapy Works — to patients, to the public and to decision makers.

Evaluation findings:


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Key points

Remember some key points made by Sue Rees, Catherine Pope and Karen Middleton:

  • physiotherapy keeps people living longer and living well. It is perfectly placed to take a leading role in health and care going forwards as the population ages and long term conditions are an increasing challenge
  • 'rehabilitation is a good investment - it builds human capacity', World Health Organisation and the World Bank
  • physiotherapy prevents falls, for every £1 invested in physiotherapy, £1.50 is saved across the falls pathway. See potential savings in your locality.
  • 53,000 CSP members all giving the same messages can be extremely powerful.

Member actions

Actions that attendees at various events committed to included:

  • feed back to the staff meeting
  • tell patients, friends and family how physiotherapy can make a difference to their lives
  • access data about my service and discuss service improvement opportunities with my team and my manager
  • speak to senior managers about physiotherapy
  • be brave and solution focused
  • look at the health profile for my area and use it in thinking about service redesign
  • create an 'elevator pitch' and use it at every opportunity to promote my service
  • use every opportunity to promote my service to colleagues and patients
  • work out the cost of my service and use it in my elevator pitch
  • actively talk about physiotherapy on Twitter and following local decision.


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24 April 2015
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