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Connect with CSP on Facebook or Twitter

File 133076Keep up with the latest news, connect with your colleagues and build your network to spread the word about what you're doing.

File 133127As well as keeping you informed about what’s new in physiotherapy, social spaces like iCSP, Facebook and Twitter are a great way to keep in touch with people or organisations that support the development of your practice.

If you're unfamiliar with the world of social media the following guides can offer help and tips for best practice. CSP offers tips and pointers for physiotherapists and the HCPC has a social media focus on standards.

Who to follow?

Take a look at other Twitter users in healthcare, see who they follow and who follows them.

You could start with Sue Rees and Karen Middleton, or international organisations like the World Confederation of Physical Therapy.

Other suggestions include English regional networks, country boards, local CCGs or health authorities. Further info on social media:


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