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Omkar Sawant

Pledge: Raise the profile of the benefits of physiotherapy in mental health

What inspired you to pledge this change?

I started raising the profile of physiotherapy in mental health before attending the Physiotherapy Works event, but when I made the pledge it became an obligation!

What have you undertaken so far?

I took part in the national Older People’s Day and Work Out at Work Day. I went to India and provided a few lectures informing attendees about the new ways of working in mental health physiotherapy in the UK. I launched a music cd for patients with dementia on my wards. I trialled it for four to five months and found health and wellbeing improved which removed extra pressure from staff on wards.  There was greater focus on falls prevention and mobility which led to a decline in falls. I documented these findings as a research paper and presented it at the International Dementia Conference, 2015.  My paper and details around my work were published in Frontline magazine, 2nd December 2015, volume 21, Issue 21, Physio Findings, ‘Music moves dementia patients’.

I tried hard to secure funding to take this project to the community in my previous job, however I struggled to get support and funding. I have changed jobs and will try to implement the project with my current employer. 

Were there any unforeseen benefits from your project?

An unforeseen benefit was the early detection of problems which lightened the pressure on staff.

How did the change develop you?

Undertaking action changed me completely and it has given me confidence. I never give up as the aim is to do the best for the patient. I improved my leadership abilities and communication skills and it also encouraged my creative side. I further developed my skills on how to motivate and engage people.

Has it enabled career progression?

Yes, I was a band 5 and am now a band 6. iCSP was a brilliant tool for keeping up to date, discussion and development.

Is there anything you would do differently? 

I would get more training on research, collating data and background information. This would provide evidence towards the objectives I’m trying to achieve. 

It is important to remember that you can learn from failures. 

Is there any support you would like to receive from the CSP?

I have used CSP resources such as Physiotherapy Works briefings. I posted them on noticeboards for staff and patients to view. As they are eye-catching and informative it creates more awareness about where physiotherapy can help. 

It would be great to view examples of exceptional work by other members which are story-based and easy accessible. This should be aimed at all levels and not just management. 

What message would you give to other members?

Believe in yourself, never give up and keep on trying.


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9 March 2016
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