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Carole McCarthy

Pledge: Share the falls prevention economic model with commissioners.

What inspired you to pledge this change?

The presentation, at the Physiotherapy works locally event, highlighted the Falls Prevention Economic model as a powerful way of demonstrating the effectiveness of physiotherapy and promoting the benefits to the population and health economy of falls management.  I wanted to share the evidence with local commissioners as a way to influence change locally.

When did you start enacting your pledge?

After the event and before going to the commissioners I sent the information to our Care of the Elderly Consultant, lead nurse and lead therapist, suggesting we could use the tool locally and that I planned to share it with commissioners.

I then used existing links with one of the commissioning team in our local CCG, with whom I had previously shared Physio Works documents, and she suggested a commissioning colleague focussing on Older People’s Services.  I contacted this member of the commissioning team who was very interested in the potential of the tool.

The commissioner had previously written a business case to continue a falls service funded via a time-limited project and had included some of the wider financial estimates for social care and community services and recognised how useful it would have been to be able to quantify more detailed local benefits.

I also forwarded the model to regional representatives of the professional network Leaders and Managers of Physiotherapy Services (LaMPS) for distribution in the regions with the CSP message for managers encouraging the release of staff to attend Physio Works Locally events.  Kate Bennett kindly presented the model at a London Regional Network event in February 2016 as a well-received reminder to members already familiar with its value and as an introduction to those who hadn’t seen it before.

What impact has it had?

Having been made aware of the resource the commissioner reported that she would be reviewing the local Falls Strategy in March 2016. She will be in touch then to discuss further how the tool can be used. It has provided the opportunity to feed information into development of strategy development and service review planning.

What impact has it had on patient care and cost effectiveness?

Too early to tell but the commissioner noted "This is exactly the sort of tool which can be used to describe the financial benefits, so thank you very much for it."

Where there any unforeseen benefits and if so what?

As a service provider, being able to provide information which meets commissioner need is obviously a positive move and helps to build productive relationships to facilitate the development of discussions regarding the benefits of physiotherapy.

Do you feel more confident and could you explain how?

Having a tangible resource to share makes it easier to influence others and gives more confidence in making the initial approach.

What is your message to others who are considering taking something on?

Don’t be afraid to use the resources and the contacts you have and share the physiotherapy message as widely as possible.


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9 March 2016
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