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Angela Brett

Pledge: Promote the CSP and tell every support worker that "does" physiotherapy that they can join the CSP.

What inspired you to pledge this change?

I tried to pledge something that hadn’t been covered yet by others. My pledge was to create a Twitter username using Associates in the title, @associateiris, and tweet on Twitter. It hasn’t had the success I hoped for but I do have 50 followers and slowly increasing.

What is your message to others who are considering taking something on?

Ensure you speak to the relevant contact at the CSP, such as Catherine Smith for Associates, to ensure you are getting the right message out there.  

Engagement is like a smile, it can grow when you pass it on.

What impact has it had?

Twitter is a great way of networking and getting people involved. I can get a message out straight away. I have met some other CSP associates and have started following them.

Did it enable career progression?

My work with the Associates [Committee of CSP] has resulted in career progression as I wouldn’t have known about how to be regraded from an Assistant to a Technical Instructor. Associates and physiotherapists are aware of your knowledge base. They will ask for advice on various topics and you gain respect for your knowledge. I have helped them with the CSP e-portfolio.

What support from the CSP did you find useful?

Karen Middleton visited the department in a time of flux and this boosted staff morale.

Could you share what you have learned?

There is still plenty for me to learn about Twitter. It is amazing how you can publicise things quickly by retweeting. The potential to get the message out there is phenomenal and it is like a pyramid that keeps on growing.

You do have to be aware of what you tweet as when the industry starts following you there could be certain personal tweets which might not be appropriate. 

I always take the opportunity to promote the CSP and use merchandise and have enrolment forms on hand. Face-to-face meetings, such as at trusts or networks, conferences work really well. You get the opportunity to inspire others.  

I engage by posting Physiotherapy Works briefings on notice boards and I took part in Working out at Work day. Together with Catherine Smith, we created a presentation containing information on what associates mean to all CSP members. This information was gathered at PTUK 2015 and the presentation has been shared with others. (Please find attached below.)

It is about being positive and finding different ways to connect things. It is nice to come up with own ideas and not all outlined by the CSP.




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